“Swing” by Fully Ghetto

In the 80s and 90s there was a subgenre of famous cartoons where they’d age down characters. So there was Tom & Jerry kids and Scooby Doo kids which were basically the same thing only with main characters as kids. Not saying that the new breed of Vilnius skaters are the same as the og Fully Ghetto squad, but there’s certainly a healthy dose guidance. Nice watch, More please!

Edited by:
DJ GREEN @kitty4pan

Tautvydas Makarevicius @twizzy8888
Lukas Vaskelaitis @guccilukas
Gintaras Kadziliauskas @bigboygince
Dominykas Apanavicius @kitty4pan
Lukas Nojus Kyro @chillafnojus
Martynas Kairevicius @martinelis
Tomas Baublys @tomas.baublys
Elius Kenstavicius @elijus.ken
Rokas Giedraitis @rokis1000

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