Shout out to all the outdoor skaters who still pretend it’s summer. Who knows maybe we will all join you soon, as indoors might close their doors. Imagine what kind of winter that would be. We would probably have to re-learn all of our tricks next spring like back in 2005.

But according to your clips, indoor facilities have no intentions of slowing down, and this month we start to blend indoor clips in the mix with street ones. Still trying to maintain a healthy balance, but it won’t last long.

Stay healthy out there!

Original clips
Intro: Domantas insta
10. Ģirts – Ogre reprezent. insta clip
9. Jaan Suits – insta clip
8. Domantas – insta clip
7. Leon – insta clip
6. Edijs Plume – insta clip
5. Meelis – insta clip Promo for Unity
4. Nils-Eerik – insta clip
2/3. Tubin and Justinas
1. Kristofers – insta clip



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