RAJON NEWS: Simple Summer Session

Cover Photo by Kaspars Alksnis

Back in the day Simple Session was a big deal. It was the closest place where we could see pros skate, also the place where we could skate with pros, party with pros and pretend we were pros. Even though it is a more BMX centered event, every winter the Baltic skate scene would gather for Simple Session get totaly wasted, and trash some hostel in Tallinn. It was exciting as hell! Some dope shit went down all the time, for instance in 2005 Madars got second place, same year when Salabanzi got first! Salabanzi! (can’t find the video for this but it happened) One year Toms Gabliks did this. It was crazy. Now it is still fun, maybe a little less exciting though. But we are always hyped to see locals participate, they continue their annual tradition of not getting into the finals.  And now Simple comes to Riga. Second summer in a row, and we went to check it out. Good thing it was for free. 

Big thank you to the camera man – Levs B.

Major shout out to Jarmo Kangro! 

One Reply to “RAJON NEWS: Simple Summer Session”

  1. Thanks for the coverage! 🙂

    PS: There would have been absolutely no problem for us to grant you skatepark access also in the 1st day when you would have got in touch with us beforehand like everyone else. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work just to show up. It’s a big event, lots to do and we’re usually busy and not able to sit in the registration table or go back and fourth with this.

    See you in Tallinn hopefully! 🙂

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