The National Skategrapher, Gatis Valters, blessed us with another intense and innovative video. If you remember the previous work – BARIX then you know what to expect from this. Street RIX filled with tricks in the streets, poetic treats and a lot of cool imagery that sticks in your mind. And here are some words from the man behind it all, Gatis Valters:

Having traveled across the lands, I have developed an idea and understanding of the various skateboarding cultures and approaches within, but this is something special.
Riga is a unique space of place in a first place, and it is a real pleasure to be able to capture the true culture of the street life and its essence. Skateboarding scene in Riga is something special and pure, the ambience of the streets when you hear wheel sound from far, creates this Jazzy feel, rush that covers your body and you are keen! Skateboarding has taken such a place in everyday life from the terms of the culture in Riga, It is truly fascinating how the architectural shapes and forms can blend in with the skateboarding so well, it almost feels like you are trapped in these shapes and forms of opportunities to explore and create, with in your on perspective. It is really mesmerizing that you can be a part of something. Something a little bit more special. And with the skateboard wheels beneath there is a lot more to come. The streets of Riga delivers a lot, its whether you see it or not.

This was STREET RIX. Big Up to all the BoYz and GiRls Lets make this 2018, the best 2018 ever!


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  1. Visskaistākais video kāds manām sūrajām zemnieka acīm ir ticis ļauts redzēt. Pateicos! *nobirst asara*

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