Game of Skate Championship Round Two/Game Six

Dark parking lot in winter is not the place that comes to people’s mind when they think about fun and good times. If you are a skateboarder, that is a bit different. Fun and good times are where the flat is dry. And as long as no one is bothering you, it is on. Our useless wooden toy shows once again that it can lighten up the shadiest place and make party out of nothing. 

The Prisma Gang

Yesterday as I came to film the game of skate with Fricis and Deda, I felt as if I entered a club of some sort, but it was actually the parking lot. Music playing, a lot of homies, everyone has a beer in their hand, (except the referee, who must be on point). The energy was positive and people couldn’t wait for the game to begin! And who could blame them? It is Fricis and Deda! Two most charsmatic skaters in Latvia, everybody knows them and everybody loves them! Match made in heaven. Of course the video might not give it justice, but those who were at Prisma yesterday will admit that game was special.

Tomorrow —-> Martiņš Loganovskis vs Roberts Potašs


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