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If you are into skating like we are, you probably refer to Slap Forum whenever something significant happens in the skate world. Be it a pro who ditched their long time sponsor, a beef in the industry, or a brand that diminished into oblivion, Slap pals have intel, theories, and definitively, opinions on every matter.  

Official skate media is careful and doesn’t touch upon all topics, but Slap has no limits. Someone started a dumb new board brand: Slap’s all over it. Kader’s of Baker: yes, you heard it at Slap first, before it was official. Nothing goes unnoticed, and that made us question: Does this holy grail of skate knowledge carry any info about our, Latvian skate scene? 

A quick search reviled that, yes! Slap does have some stuff on Latvia! We picked three stories that were ok to show to a broader public. Not sure if we should be proud of these threads and mention, but it is our little blip in the most opinionated shit-talking forum in skateboarding. 

The Soap guy

I am pretty sure who that was.

The Search for the Cellar door 

As the story goes Bobby Puleo visited Latvia on an iPath tour around 2004 and couldn’t find his favorite obstacle in the whole wide world, that in fact is native to the East Coast: a cellar door. Probably other inclination would have done the job too, but we can only assume that the hosts took Bobby to Rainis or Kongressu Nams, which obviously could piss him of.  But, just in case, if you are reading this Bobby, please come over again! We have cellar doors now.

Latvian Business

The worst part of town :D.

Illustrations by AG

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