Mantas Vaškelaitis: Kudirka’s square part

    Mantas at the spot

Skating one and the same spot all the time can generate new ideas. If you are at a spot for one day you might not notice all the lines or possibilities that locals see. Locals know their spots inside out; they see hidden obstacles and have lines visitors might not figure out at first. You got to spend some time skating a spot to film something worthy there. And spot centered videos challenge skaters to be original at the same old plazas. Like for example the London’s Atlantic Drift crew at St. Paul’s CathedralBobby Worrest at Pulaski, or Mike Arnold at Lloyds. All of these videos thrive creativity as well as keep these places energised. read more

#RAJONTOP10 – July 2018

RAJONTV best clips of the month! A countdown of clips and tricks we enjoyed the most this month. Going to feature only skaters from the Baltic states and only street clips. We will try to post these every month, if ou guys give us more material to work with it may happen more often 🙂 so go film some and post it where we can see it. Add this thin —> #rajontop10 might help! And yes, we did steal the concept from Quartersnacks.  

Original clips: 
10. Jucys
9. Pavel
8. Meelis
7. Kristo Oismests
6. Domantas
5. Fricis 
4. Edijs
3. Enric
2. Rudolfs
1. Madars  read more